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1. Michael and Ingar Elmgreen & Dragset

(Michael Elmgreen, Denmark, b.1961)

(Ingar Dragset, Norwary, b.1969)

I Will Never See you Again, 2009 

Mirror, lamp, flowers, console and keys



May 7 - July 21, 2016

2. William Cordova

(Peru, b.1971)

Daniel boone, pat boone y mary boone (or firestone pero los olmecas vencerán!), 2008 

Gold leaf on paper, mixed media on paper

3. Carmelo Arden Quin

(Uruguay, b.1913)

Untitled, 1952

Wood and lacquer

4. Kishio Suga

(Japan, b.1944)

Differentiated Edges, 1990

Galvanized iron, white paint, plywood

5. Marta Minujín

(Argentina, b.1943)

Arte agrícola en acción, Toronjas, 1977

Fifteen gelatin silver prints, documents and installation

6. Alejandro Otero

(Venezuela, b.1921-d. 1990) 

Que je suis contraire, 1962

Paper on wood

7. Gabriel Kuri

(Mexico, b.1970)

Soft Boxes 2, 2011

4 wall mounted paper dispenser, papaer, 3 volcanic rocks 

8. Kishio Suga

(Japan, b.1944)

Cause of Demarcated Scenery – 112, 1992

Wood, white paint

9. Constant

(The Netherlands, b.1920-d.2005)

Nébulose Mécanique, 1958

Metal wire, aluminum, perspex and wood 

10. Vik Muniz

(Brazil, b.1961)

Untitled (Dress), 1992

Cotton, metal

11. Oscar Murillo

(Colombia, b.1986)

pure, pure, pure…, 2014-2015

Oil, oil stick, and graphite on linen and canvas

12. Abraham Cruzvillegas

(Mexico, b.1968)

Selfportrait nude descending a staircase at the Raval, 2012

Acrylic paint on iron wooden handle bar stainless steel bottle opener beer bottle caps and anodized pigment on galvanized can

13. Marta Minujín

(Argentina, b.1943)

Laberinto Minujinda, 1985

Acrylic on canvas

14. Philippe Van Snick

(Belgium, b.1946)

(0-9) Points Suspendus 1 (Asymmetrische hoeksculptuur met ongelijke benen), 1974

Galvanized iron wire

15. José Dávila

(Mexico, b.1974)

The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's skull, 2013

Cardboard carton and gold leaf

16. Eugenio Dittborn

(Chile, b.1943)

Margarita Herrera Airmail Painting No. 19, 1984

Burnt car oil and photosilkscreen on wrapping paper 

17. Lucia Nogueira

(Brazil, b.1950)

Untitled, 1994

Metal, Black Wax

18. Edgar Negret

(Colombia, b.1920-d.2012)

Eclipse, 1963

Acrylic , oil and wood relief 

19. Fernanda Fragateiro

(Portugal, b.1962)

Wonder What's in There, 2010

5 hard cover moleskine notebooks containing drawings, 5 acrylic supports 

20. Alejandro Puente

(Argentina, b.1933-d.2013)

Untitled, 1983

Feathers on burlap

21. Nicolas Guagnini

(Argentina, b.1966)

I use value, 2008

Polaroid photographs, metal shelving 

22. Gertrude Goldschmidt (Gego)

(Venezuela, b.1912-d.1994)

Tres Planos, 1965

Steel wires of various thicknesses and metal beads 

23. Marta Minujín

(Argentina, b.1943)

Arte agrícola en acción, Toronjas, 1977-2016

Grapefruits, wooden frame

photography room

1. Paolo Gasparini

(Venezuela, b.1934)

Pollos en brasas, Caracas, 1968

Silver print

2. Esther Ferrer

(Spain, b.1937)

Poesia visual, n.d.

Silver gelatin print on fiber paper -baryta- coated paper and ink

3. Esther Ferrer

(Spain, b.1937)

Untitled, 1984

Silver gelatin print on fiber paper - baryta - coated paper - and ink

4. Paz Errázuriz

(Chile, b.1944)

Evelyn III 

(from La Manzana de Adán series), 1984

Vintage fiber paper processed in a darkroom by the artist

5. Paz Errázuriz

(Chile, b.1944)


(from la Manzana de Adán series), 1984

Vintage fiber paper processed in a darkroom by the artist

6. Horst Ademeit

(Germany, b.1937-d.2010)

5158, 1998

Polaroid Inscripted

7. Horst Ademeit

(Germany, b.1937-d.2010)

6148, 1998

Polaroid Inscripted

8. Ion Grigorescu

(Romania, b.1945)

Untitled (The Beach), 1977

Black and white photograph

9. Horst Ademeit

(Germany, b.1937-d.2010)

1180, 1998

Polaroid Inscripted

10. Horst Ademeit

(Germany, b.1937-d.2010)

1042, 1996

Polaroid Inscripted

11. Horst Ademeit

(Germany, b.1937-d.2010)

1113, 1995

Polaroid Inscripted

12. Horst Ademeit

(Germany, b.1937-d.2010)

1111, 1993

Polaroid Inscripted

13. Horst Ademeit

(Germany, b.1937-d.2010)

299, 2002

Polaroid Inscripted

14. Horst Ademeit

(Germany, b.1937-d.2010)

1188, 1994

Polaroid Inscripted

15. Horst Ademeit

(Germany, b.1937-d.2010) 

4659, 2002

Polaroid Inscripted

16. Horst Ademeit

(Germany, b.1937-d.2010) 

5171, 1998

Polaroid Inscripted

17. Miguel Ángel Rojas

(Colombia, b.1946)

Cinema Still (Men Dressed in Black), 1980

Vintage silver gelatin print 

18. Miguel Angel Rojas

(Colombia, b.1946)

Fisgón, 1980

Five vintage silver gelatin prints 

19. Ion Grigorescu

(Romania, b.1945)

Untitled, 1975

Series of four black and white photographs

20. Ion Grigorescu

(Romania, b.1945)

Jassy, 1974

Vintage silver print

21. Ion Grigorescu

(Romania, b.1945)

Jassy, 1974

Vintage silver print

22. Ion Grigorescu

(Romania, b.1945)

Jassy, 1974

Vintage silver print

23. Lotty Rosenfeld

(Chile, b.1943)

Palacio de la moneda, 1985

Gelatin silver print

24. Milagros de la Torre

(Peru, b.1965)

Incriminating Love Letter Written by Prostitute to her Lover (from the "Lost Steps" series), 1996

Toned gelatin silver print

25. Iván Candeo

(Venezuela, b.1983)

El Indio y el Conquistador 

(Variaciones sobre Marey), 2011


Duration: 45 minutes, 27 seconds

26. Fernell Franco

(Colombia, b.1942-d.2006)

Series Billares, 1985

Hand-painted photograph


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