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November 7, 2016

Contemporary Uruguayan Art Revisited 

November 7th 2016, 5pm


A conversation with:

Luis Camnitzer, Artist (Uruguay. Lives and works in New York)

Marco Maggi, Artist (Uruguay. Lives and works in New York)

Moderated by Claudia Calirman, Associate Professor at John Jay College (CUNY)

Introductions by:

Laura Bardier, Director of ESTE ARTE (Uruguay. Lives and works in New York)


This symposium brings artists, scholars and collectors together to explore the contemporary art scene in Uruguay today. 

The recently concluded exhibition “Joaquín Torres-García: The Arcadian Modern,” has confirmed Torres-García’s transcendent contribution towards a 

Latin American form of modernity, and underscored his strong influence on contemporary practice. Is there a contemporary art scene in Uruguay today? Who are the critical drivers?


Luis Camnitzer and Marco Maggi will present their work and with the mediation of Claudia Calirman we will go through the similarities and uniqueness of their practices, looking for connections between Uruguay and New York.


Organized by 


ESTE ARTE International Art fair, Uruguay



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